What We Do

AmpiFLY merges in-house strategy and outstanding production talent to produce branded video, virtual reality, augmented reality, and entertainment content that moves audiences to engage and connect with brands.


We begin with a fundamental question: what does a brand’s audience want and need? From there, we develop a strategy, then produce targeted content by applying our expertise in advertising, issue advocacy, entertainment, market, research, data, production, and narrative filmmaking.


The result: original, strategy-driven video, VR, AR, and narrative content that delivers a compelling, exclusive, and enduring sense of shared identity between brands and their audiences.


Why We Do It

In today’s online, mobile, and OTT world, reaching a brand’s audiences takes so much more than producing a video. Branded content must captivate and directly engage with audiences. Customers don’t just buy products – they buy into products, and they engage with online content that expresses and reflects their ambitions, interests, and values.


Video, AR, VR, and entertainment content is the key to connecting brands with the audiences they want to reach, and the only way to bridge that gap in our constantly evolving digital world is with original and authentic targeted content that’s focused on a brand’s audiences’ wants and needs.

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Why AmpiFLY?

Video content isn’t the end of the journey. It is the journey.


AmpiFLY’s new production company model produces content strategies and assets that cut through the digital noise to connect. Because we treat content as the tool, not the product, our deliverable is more than just the video assets that we produce; it’s strategy-driven, targeted content that creates and sustains long-lasting relationships between brands and their audiences.

A Brand's Story

A brand’s story is that brand’s alone; it’s special. But today, brands must use new ways to connect with their core audience, and to do that, AmpiFLY believes that brands must produce and distribute original, tailor-made, targeted content that inspires a compelling emotional connection.


AmpiFLY’s production, strategy, and creative teams turn the small screen into a big opportunity, reaching brand audiences with targeted video, VR, AR, and narrative, creative content, whenever and wherever a brand needs it.


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Featured Project

An online video-gaming star who speaks to millions of fans every day must figure out how to talk to the people he loves before he loses them.

AmpiFLY's feature film We Need To Talk is a social comedy that centers on Great Scott, a self-absorbed online video-game influencer and star who speaks to millions of fans every day but cannot bring himself to communicate with the people he loves. Blissfully unaware, Scott's lifestyle isn't a problem for him until one morning when his girlfriend Aly tells him, "We need to talk," when she gets back from work. Aly's comment sends Scott spiraling into a day-long tailspin as he seeks wisdom, advice, and emotional support from his social network – which in Scott's case includes friends, internet trolls, and a myriad of online characters from around the world.


"We Need To Talk" is written and directed by Todd Wolfe and stars James Maslow ("Big Time Rush), Emily Bett Rickards ("Arrow"), Christel Khalil ("The Young and the Restless"), Jonathan Fernandez ("Lethal Weapon"), and Tray Chaney ("The Wire").


Coming in 2021!


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